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Educational programming project for environment monitoring
Two web pages resulting from this project: CtrlTerm and CtrlPascal
Another web page ControlPascal and a new tutorial and
another page for ways to easily start using inexpensive Android and Raspberry Pi devices

TurboControl Systems
PO Box 399
Bellefontaine, OH 43311 USA

email: @TurboControl.com
at Union Station across the hall from the Cafe

Electronics and Software for Monitoring and Control Systems

Hardware and software development services
Various development options
Information on using ReactOS and Free Pascal for embedded or other systems
Support information for the TurboPower open source libraries

Things to do in the Lawrence, Kansas area

Control.com is one favorite place I (Paul Breneman) hang out.  Free Pascal and Lazarus forums are other places (if you login to the Lazarus forum you can show my messages).  If you want to see where I hung out a long time ago look at the bottom of this AsyncPro page.  A few years ago the office was at Ohio Stater across the hall from Joy's Village.  History does repeat itself!

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