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Seeking inexpensive devices (serial and ethernet) to measure temperature. The serial device could be a USB device that presents itself as a virtual COM port (VCP).

New! USB Device with VCP

DLP-TEMP-G 3-Channel Data/Temperature Acquisition Board for $25.00 (includes one temperature sensor):

This device works well and is intended to be the first device supported by this project.

Most modern operating systems have FTDI drivers installed by default but here are the VCP drivers if you need them:

Other USB Devices

Here are several interesting USB devices but they may not provide a VCP nor an open protocol. Please contact me if you know of any similar products that have those features.

3M TL20 -

TEMPer $17.99 -

Vernier Go! Temp $39.00 -

Serial Devices

QualityKits VK011 $39.95 -

Embedded Data Systems HA7E $39.95 (plus sensor) -

Ethernet Devices

Embedded Data Systems TC-SERVER - Thermochron Server $122.95 -

Embedded Data Systems HA7Net $155.95 (plus PS & sensor) -

Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions. Thanks!
-- Paul Breneman
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