This is a modified version of the former www.AproZilla.com web site.

Looking for things to download? If you're looking for the APRO source, look here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tpapro.

If you're looking for more demos of APRO, look at the demo page. Those projects are generally something that we whipped up to show someone how to do something. You'll find alternate fax servers, TAPI voice stuff, all kinds of cool things.

The APAX manual was omitted from the SourceForge projects. You can download it here (3,665 k) temporarily. It still has the copy-protection stuff in it (you can't copy and paste from it). Once we get the unprotected version that'll be posted to SourceForge.

Getting the help files released is taking a bit longer than anticipated also. Download the APRO 4.0x Delphi help file here (zipped to about 600k). Download the APRO 4.0x C++Builder help file here (zipped to about 590k). You can also download the APROFAQ help file here (about 52k). But wait, there's more... The APRO 4.05 README.HLP file is here (83k). Yes, you read that correctly, it's the 4.05 readme. In all of the ruckus associated with getting the 4.06 version ready for SourceForge we didn't have the time to update it for 4.06.

If you're looking for the APRO 4 Reference Guide, the unlocked version, you can get it here (about 10.75 meg). This one lets you copy and paste and a few other things.

The WinNT/2K/XP printer drivers require the RASDD* files from Microsoft. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't include those files with all versions of Win2K and XP. You can download the package from here (84k zipped, extracted from one of the HP printer driver kits).

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