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The goal is to have a program to look QuickBook Items up that only uses large buttons (screenshot and screenshot).  This works with the touchscreen (without any extra code) on new inexpensive Windows tablets similar to this one.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated very much.

New 17 Oct. 2016: You can add the four files in this to one of the zips here (for x86_64 change ppc386 to ppcx64 in to compile and run an item lookup program.

Previous version from 4 Jan. 2016: 

Unzip the files into a new folder
Open a Command Prompt in the new folder
Compile the program:  compile lookup
Run the program in the bin folder: bin\lookup

Unzip the files into a new folder
Open a Terminal in the new folder
Set compiler as executable file: chmod 755 ppc386
Compile the program:  sh
Run the program that is in the bin folder: ./bin/lookup

The short list of improvements needed:
1) At the top of procedure TMainForm.AfterCreate; for TW700 in portrait change the two 100 to 180.  Should be done automatically so works OK on a PC (like the screenshots).
2) procedure TMainForm.ScrollHorizButtonClicked is not working but want a button to scroll the grid horizontally back and forth (so easier than dragging the scroll bar).
3) When list is shown add two buttons (replace Close and Undo) to scroll vertically.
4) Detect if the PC (or tablet) is connected to the Internet and offer to update if a new program is available

A little doc:
- The IIF file is from the QuickBooks Items table
- The initial list ("Show List") are the items ignored.  The number on the front of the fifth field (description) is the reason that the item was ignored.  See the source code lines 445-457
- The initial "lines:" count are the total number of lines in the IIF file
- The INI file will be ignored unless it has the same name and is in the same folder as the executable

Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions. Thanks!
-- Paul Breneman
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