Information for an educational project on miscellaneous monitoring techniques.
This project was started in September 2018 to use off-the-shelf equipment (no building or programming) although these projects may lend themselves to such projects for interested people.

Power Monitoring

Planning to use later (so just need to monitor very low voltage):

Have right now (monitoring power to a fan that runs continuously):

How can I have an email sent when power goes off?
The info above is the old look, they have a new look (beta) on their iMonnit,com web page that needs to be documented and improved.  I recommend calling their support line and letting someone observe your computer screen and walk you through the settings.  This industrial equipment company (also in Utah) has a user forum and good documentation.  Hopefully Monnit will improve!

Sound Activated Camera

Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions. Thanks!
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