Things to do in the Lawrence, Kansas area

Area music

9 nights in June (free):

June and July on Wednesday night (free) The Lawrence City Band

August (free):

Same weekend (first full weekend in October):

Lawrence Christmas Parade - like to watch from the second floor of Signs of Life

Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel:

View and search the local newspaper back to 1911

City of Lawrence - has links to other pages at the bottom
Downtown Lawrence
Massachusetts Street of Lawrence
Kansas Magazine

Hutchinson area

Kansas City area

This place is *very* nice but not open in the winter:

****************** - open until 3 PM on Saturday - the steamboat museum right next door

******************* - right next door

******************* - after 5:30 pm to see lights in December

West Plains, Missouri

The Old Time Music, Ozark Heritage Festival (free) in June

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